May 13, 2009


Continuous Integration - A Framework for Better Quality Software


Eric Pugh,

Principal, OpenSource Connections, LLC.

Continuous Integration (CI) is a fully automated, repeatable build process that includes testing. Checking in code triggers a CI build, and allows immediate detection of integration errors to improving software quality.


Standing up CI successfully has many challenges; including cultural, environmental, and project characteristics.  We’ll learn about the reasons for using a CI system based on lessons learned from the open source world and how CI forms the structure to create a virtuous circle of constantly improving the software.  We'll review the CI best practices and the tips / tricks to leverage the investment in CI. There will be a demo of the popular open source CI server “Hudson.”


Anthem BCBS – Shenandoah Room

2015 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA

Tel: 804-683-0272 (Raju); 804-678-0453 (Margy)



May 13th 2009 

6 to 6:30 Meet and Greet
6:30 to 8:00 - Speaker: Kris Puthucode

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